I have too much stuff.  With me and Jen each having two 29’r Racer-X’s, one 29’r FCR single speed, Jen a Solera road bike, and me a Moto-lite….plus our commuters, we now have too much stuff. 

But this summer is going to rock!  With the ability to carry 6 bikes without touching each other in the trailer, spare race wheels (with Stan’s rims no less) for each of us, a full organizer of SS gearing, a quiver of tires, and enough spare parts to build another bike, I think this summer is going to be good.

The only downside?  Diesel prices.  If I could put a second tank on the truck, I’d do the french fry oil thing.  Those systems are pretty amazing, but you need a second tank and harvesting used oil from fast food joints is not something I want to do while on the road this summer.  So the money is being stashed to cushion what is promising to be $4 a gallon or higher prices.

Hopefully it will be nice and cool in the Northwest this summer and we won’t have to stay at any rv parks in order to get AC.  Last year’s heat wave sucked.  I hate rv parks.  I’d rather stay at a Walmart parking lot.  Maybe one day Walmart will clue in and start putting in “by the hour” electrical outlets for rv’s.

I won a race last weekend!  My first official “masters” road race.  With 8 miles of climbing to go, it started raining and snowing and nobody wanted to do anything.  So I left the field.  A few minutes later another guy was able to join me, but I dropped him with just under a mile to go.  I got a little cash for my efforts and a bit more confidence in my climbing form.  I did get hosed in the TT the day before.  30 minutes was too short for me.  The winners were under 27 minutes.  I got beat by the first place woman.  I’m not going to buy a TT bike.  My 9 year old C-dale still does the trick.  I’ve got too much stuff anyway.