Ooof.  Despite the perfectly fitting new bike (it’s just like the old one for size….something I was worried about), plenty of naps, and a good carbo-load, I almost released a mushroom cloud in Terlingua.  It would have been the perfect place for it, but I decided I really wanted to finish the race.  After Plan C, Jen passed me. 

 It’s the second time in our racing careers that she has beaten me.  I guess I need to start training now.

 Here’s the new bikes.  Sick!


 Here’s me chillin’ with the 80 lb. lap dog after the race at the party!


The party was ok but all the 100k riders I knew took off.  There was free Fat Tire and vodka.  We called it quits pretty early ourselves.


The winner of Jen’s race picked up a really strange prize.  Gotta link this.


The weather was beautiful.  So why would some guy be doing this when there were really sweet trails all around?  I think this guy might have beaten me….I should keep my mouth shut.