Holding out for what you really want sometimes pays off.  Last year I was offered some great teaching jobs, but the commute would have been ridiculous and a cycling commute would have been extremely time consuming and possibly deadly. 

So I started student teaching a couple of weeks ago at a school that is 11 minutes away…downhill.  The uphill commute is about 25 minutes.  Not the best for staying in shape, but it prevents me from having to drive on my rest days.  It turns out that one of the teachers couldn’t pass her certification tests…which I’ve passed….and she quit last week.  I got interviewed the day she quit and the school hired me.  I’m now a science teacher at Irvin H.S.  It’s known as one of the ghetto schools, but it reminds me a lot of the HS I graduated from.  The classes are small and the students are pretty well behaved.  I have 5 freshmen chemistry classes and 1 college prep course that has no curriculum.  I have some killer ideas for that class.

So lots of new things happening in the land of Big Dave.  Jen and I got new bikes (pics to come soon) and I got a new job.

 Terlingua this weekend.  It might rain!