Despite some grumbling from some late risers, the Puzzler took off just a bit after 9 am with 29 starters.  The pack spread out quickly as is usually the case in technical and long cross country races.  The course was incredibly well marked since we had to resort to using ground paint in the Heinrich Park area due to a sour puss trying to sabotage our course arrows.  Nobody got lost!  That was my number one desire for this event.

The weather was incredible with a light breeze, lots of sunshine, and temps in the mid 60’s!!!  Arm warmers and knee warmers were almost too much, but they came in handy for crossing over Mundy’s Gap.

Just under four and half hours after starting, the first finisher rolled in for an award winning bowl of chili and some energy drinks.  About a half hour later, I rolled in with Jennifer hot on my tail.  The last finishers made it in safely at 5:30 pm.  Every finisher scored a t-shirt, bottles, and some killer swag and gift certificates.  Only 17 riders finished the entire event.  Some were a bit disappointed.  Others were amazed at how long it took to ride the first 36 miles opting to eat chili instead of completing the entire 45 miles.

Big thanks to our sponsors:  Revolution Cyclery, Vinci Bike, Bicycle Co., Richard’s Cycle Sport, Hunt Family Foundation, Rudolph Honda, Sun Harvest, Costco, Planet Bike, WTB, DT Swiss, Salt Stick, Hammer Nutrition, Diamond Back/Avenir, and Raleigh

For some great race pics, check out this link:

Thanks again to everyone who supported this event and came out to give it a go.  It is an amazingly difficult loop and next year promises to be even tougher.

Three of the top five finishers were riding 29er Single Speeds!

Here’s a list of the finishers:

Name                                                               Time                            Category

Bret Bernard, Las Cruces, NM                       4:25                             Geared Male

David Wilson, El Paso, TX                             4:58                             SS Male

Jennifer Tribe-Wilson  , El Paso                      5:01                             SS Female

Mark Challoner, Sierra Vista, AZ                   5:23                             SS Male

Chris Hereford, Albuquerque, NM                 5:32                             Geared Male

Brent Sanders, El Paso                                   5:38                             Geared Male

Pablo Lopez, Las Cruces                               5:39                             SS Male

Ryan Cody, El Paso                                       5:50                             Geared Male

Susan Rasmusen, El Paso                               6:01                             Geared Female

Brian Long, Cloudcroft, NM                          6:15                             Geared Male

“Smokin” Raymundo, Las Cruces                  6:55                             Geared Male

Tyler McLaughlin, Las Cruces                        6:55                             SS Male

Chris Larabel, El Paso                                    7:33                             Geared Male

Don Futch, Las Cruces                                  7:40                             Geared Male  

Erich Anderson, Dallas, TX                            8:20                             Geared Male

Henry Ramirez, El Paso                                  8:30                             Geared Male

Adrian Martinez, El Paso                                8:30                             Geared Male