Usually I’m one to make sure the bikes are working tip top.  And usually I pack everything needed to fix a bike when we are traveling to race.  Nothing is worse than needing some spokes or brake pads and having to find a shop that has what you need then paying full retail.

 I guess the winter made me forget that.  No matter how short our winter is, the first event of the season is always a shakedown.  This time Jen took off with a front brake that desperately needed bleeding.  That’s something I could normally fix if I’d brought “the green box”.  So she rode the entire Swizzle course without a front brake.  Damn!  That’s impressive.

Myself…long story.  Remember a few posts back about my crankarm coming off?  It did it again….3 times.  First time was up the road climb and I battled the winds to catch the group…..just as we hit the single track.  Times 2 and 3 were just after I spotted the leader.  I asked my local shop to order in the little alloy bolt needed to help hold the cranks on, but it didn’t come in time.  So I was relying on the pinch bolts only.

I finished a few minutes down and a bit bummed out.  Jen finished a few minutes down on her leader after also getting a bit lost.

Speaking of getting lost….This was the first race or ride I’ve done using the GPS for navigation.  Very cool.  But there were still some tricky spots where I found myself zooming in on it to see where I needed to go.  It’s a nice feature to have, but I still felt like Stevie Wonder out there.

Anyway….first event is done.  2nd place for both of us.  No injuries, confident about the fitness, and we were able to work out some bugs with the trailer and the bikes.

I’d have some fantastic pictures, but the camera batteries were dead.  Too bad because the full moon over the Cochise Stronghold was incredible.