The first weekend of the holidays was a mess.  My old man came out to pick up a camper I had purchased for him (with his money of course) that ended up not really fitting on his truck.  So we had to build a spacer to lift it high enough to keep from bumping the roof of the cab.  We also spent 2 full days getting his truck prepped with the bed liner, power plug, and tie downs as well as fixing and cleaning the camper.  When we finished…it was tip top and ready to roll.

 Here are a couple pics….   Dad and his rig in the drivewayMe, Jen, and Gary blocking the street

Luna had a tough time dealing with the old pug Yoda.  He held his own though.

Yoda, Jen, and Luna

After parting ways with the old man who decided to hurl himself into the snow country of the mid-west, we headed to Vegas. 

Luna got to try out her new shoes.  The fronts were a little big, but she seemed to enjoy them in the rough stuff.

Luna at Estrella

After slowly making our way through warm and sunny Arizona, we finally stopped on the other side of the Colorado River to ride Bootleg Canyon on Christmas day.  We came across this beauty.

ram’s head

Of course I had to mount it on the bars, but it was too hefty to ride with on the SS….up a trail that is supposed to be ridden down.  Word spread pretty quick about this beauty and it was gone when I went to get gps coordinates for it on New Years Eve.  The skeleton is still out there though.

Vegas had beautiful skies while we were out there, but it was windy and cold, so we headed back to AZ for more sun and vegetation….

 Jen at Black Canyon

Jen always enjoys the upper reaches of the Sonoran desert.  The little one hour loop on the Black Canyon trail is a blast in both directions. 

That’s all the pics I took.  We had a nice visit to Titus and watched the exogrid makers destroy some slightly blemmed tubes.  I never remember to ask if I can take pics while I’m there.  It’s such a cool place.  One guy had about a hundred exogrid tubes stacked in his office.  Very cool indeed.

Today I did laundry…6 loads.  Jen yacked and we are both trying to get our legs back after 2 full weeks of single speeding.  No regrets!