Whew…That was a lot of traveling and riding.  The single speed was stellar until the final day when the sealant held no longer and the left crank arm fell off.  But I got everything fixed ok and our final ride in Sierra Vista was sweet.  They have some new trails down there now and it’s tight.

So we started in Tucson at fatnastyisland….the fat guy’s ultimate trail.  Cruised up to Estrella in Pahoenex…the largest city in Arizona….the capital.  That was some fun rocky goodness.  Then we hit Vegas for 4 days total at Bootleg and 3 days total at Blue Diamond/Cottonwood.  Then we cruised back down to AZ and hit the Black Canyon, then a visit to Titus, then Sierra Vista.

Having some problems with the running lights on the RV and trailer….so I’m going to be a bit busy this week.  I’ll get some pics up later when I dig my camera out of the camper.