I used to come down to Vegas almost every winter when I lived in SLC.  The trails at Bootleg were just being born and people were loving the flowy goodness at Cottonwood.  So on our way into town….after riding Fantasy Island in Tucson and Estrella in Phoenix…we hit Bootleg for some ill riding.  I was a bit skeptical since we’re rockin’ the 20t on the SS’s.  But it gets the SS stamp of approval.  I suggest Boyscout….and pretty much anything else that hugs the contour.

Today we hit Cottonwood.   I used to tell everyone that Vegas was one of my favorite places to ride.  I still think that is true.  Cottonwood is covered in trails now.  They are a good one foot deep in some spots as well.  I remember them being surface trails back in the day.

We hooked up with Nat Ross for another couple hours of sweetness.  Nat’s rockin’ some fatty prototype rims.  They are OCR’s that look to be about 25mm wide.  They make his Jones tires look huge.

Other than being quite cold up here, it looks like it’s going to be a good holiday.