For all you guys in snow country, this is my “don’t hate” posting.

The previous day’s SS ride turned out to be a windy mess.  Luckily I weigh 200 lbs, but the girly had trouble staying upright.

Dec 2.  Undershirt, knee warmers, arm warmers, thin cap.  And I’m sweating.  Incredible day for a ride.

Jen negotiates to loose baby heads.

Jen descending

….And trys to avoid a stabbing.

Jen and the lechugia

Me exiting the Casa Diablo….

Dave in Casa Diablo

 Time to enjoy a fast and smooth trail….

Dave descending the ridge

 Jen rides the edge….

Jen on the edge

Next time I’ll try to bust out some lyrics and do some “Turgeoning“.  Maybe some Widespread Panic.  Space Wrangler would have been a good one for this….rides away without fear.