I’ll admit it.  I check my “blogstats” on a regular basis.  As a fairly new blogger, I like to see who’s snooping my way and checking out my thoughts.

It seems that my post about the Moxey suspension seatpost is extremely popular in regards to search engine hits.  I guess since the company is defunct and their website is gone, all the people who own them are probably wondering how to tighten them up and replace bushings or split elastomers.  I have a feeling that the popularity of singlespeeding has a little to do with that issue.  Single speeds tend to be hardtails…..and we all know they just aren’t that comfortable.

The Moxey was a far superior design compared to the thudbuster and all the other pieces of crap that were oem’d or given away to pro riders. 

I’d be interested to hear some comments from those of you who have been hitting my page through a search for the Moxey.  I was quite adept at fixing them and helping people out with getting them adjusted correctly.  Don’t be scared.  I like to communicate with people.  One way communication isn’t that fun.  Feel free to contact me.