Usually I try to ride my brains out during the holidays.  Especially when I’m down in “warm land”.  This holiday has been kind of sucky.  T-day it rained almost all day.  Even a tad bit of snow.  Friday was epic and warm.  I started out with Jen, but her congestion turned her back.  In just knee warmers and a slight bit of additional clothing, I decided to get a good gps track of the full loop around the Franklins that we plan on using for the Puzzler (El Paso Epic).  Soon I was shedding the hat, vest, and gloves.  It was a good turkey burner for sure.  I’m glad I did it because this is what we woke up to this morning…..

me and luna on sidewalk

So much for riding in this crap.  If this keeps up tonight, I’m breaking out the old tele-boards and I’m gonna attempt a run down the face of the dam behind our neighborhood.  It’s gotta be at least 2 feet though.  I don’t have the old rock boards anymore.  Just expensive fatties that haven’t been used in 3 years. 

If it does melt off, tomorrow will be epic riding.  The trails here are sick after a good soaking.  Kind of like skiing fresh pow…just not as cold.