Once again, I heard the whispers and even a few shouts related to my continued foray into the dark world of the SS.  Dark world my ass.  The dark world is road racing in Europe.  SS is all about choosing the right gear for the course, killing your knees, and keeping it light.  Having raced bikes of all sorts since the age of 5, you’d think my first SS race would have been years ago.  Being 6′5″ prevents me from just going to the bike store and buying a $600 dollar bike with one gear and big wheels.  Since I need custom to get something that I’m not going to break or is not going to break me, I have a pretty sweet machine.  And when does handicapping yourself with one gear mean that that you’re sandbagging?  Give me a break.  SS is one of the toughest cycling experiences I’ve ever had…and it’s pretty fun.

So all you fairies with your mary bars, stop the whining.  Put on the big meat and push harder.  Just don’t call me a sandbagger.  A five minute win in a 2 and half hour race isn’t that comfortable of a cushion, but being only 13 minutes off the geared pro…..that was awesome.  I probably raced as fast on the single as I would have on the geared. 

While up in the booming metropolis of Gallup, I previewed some more of the trails for the Zuni 100.  There are going to be some lost mofrackies out there for that one.  It’s strange how a place that gets so much riding from the locals is kept so secret.  My experiences with the Gallup locals has been anything but mountain biker friendly.  I’ll expound on that more someday. ….maybe to whoever linked this shit to the nmes page.  Ha!  It’s really interesting that a trail book has super descriptive explanations of the trails in the McGaffey area, but when you get there, it seems like no one wants you to ride them.  The trail heads are almost invisible save for a few small stones, an old piece of flagging, or a barbed wire fence held apart by a stick.  If you are trying to find Mike’s Rippin’ or the Tampico Loop, have fun.  You’ll find them, but you better have some trail blood hound in you.  Once you are on the trails, they look 3 times as used as the trail head and there are cairns every 30 feet.  Also, watch out for the barbed wire fence right in the middle of some of the descents.  Are you guys up there sure these trails are legal?  Maybe that’s why they aren’t signed. 

Oh well.  At least the map is good and when you do find the trails, they are pretty rippin’.  I’m looking forward to a fun time up there and maybe all the extra traffic will work in those trail heads!