I probably had a few of you wondering about the seatpost I mentioned before this past weekend.  It’s a Moxey suspension post that was way ahead of its time.  The elastomer has dampening qualities that keep the post from springing back too fast.   It has 3 inches of travel.  The company stopped making this post when Cane Creek obtained Thudbuster and threatened a lawsuit on Moxey.  That was way back in 2000.  This post is almost 10 years old.

moxey post

Sunday I rode it to a hard fought victory in the SS category at Cedro’s Greatest Hits…the New Mexico State Championship.  That course was AWESOME!  Super rocky with hundreds of ledgy drops.  I love that stuff and it really amps me when I ride that stuff for the first time in a race and I’m able to rally well enough to stay at the front.  The climbs were almost just as rocky.  The seatpost saved me many times. 

 I ran a 2.55 weir wolf up front with less than 25 psi.  I had 25 in it at the start, but not long after the first descent, I punched a hole in it and it took a while for it to seal.  So I’m guessing I finished with about 20 psi.  I ran a Nevegal in the rear with about 30 psi.  Both hooked up like velcro.  I was pleased.

Jenn made the mistake of racing her SS in the geared category, finishing 4th….just out of the money.  They actually had a SS women’s race… with prize money.  There was a really long meadow descent that had the SS’rs spinning their brains out and tucking through the entire thing.  Sucked.  Other than that, the course was great.