What is it with motorcyclists?  I sweat my ass off truly saving gas and CO2 emissions as well as keeping my body in decent physical condition while commuting around this dirt hole town.  Motorcyclists think they have some sort of spiritual bond with me.  They always wave and honk and stuff like they are “down” with me or something.   What’s up with that?

 Get a clue moron….you have a motor.  You are a fat ass.  Any moron can twist a throttle.  I burn calories….not fossil fuels.  I have to deal with people who think I don’t belong on the road.  I ride in all conditions, except when we get those insane wind storms that will literally blow you off the road.

I tried the moto thing once.  I had a nice Kawasaki KLR 650.  It was a big ass dual sport that would easily cruise at 70 or 80 with the wife on the back….on dirt roads.  I got it to save time commuting to the military post when I was active duty.  That was dumb.  The inspection lines are so long, you end up idling with hundreds of other cars….polluting away….waiting to get through the gate.  I decided to ditch that idea, sold the bike, and started bike commuting pretty religiously.  I was able to run red lights with impunity and roll to the front of the inspection lines, sometimes beating my neighbors onto post when they left their house the same time I did.

I have no problem with motorcyclists.  It is a blast for sure.  Just don’t wave at me like I’m your blood brother or homie or whatever.  You are a lazy bastard….I’m working my belly off.