Start of chainless DHSaturday I emcee’d the 2nd Annual Chainless DH in Las Cruces, NM.  I figured that since I won the first one, it would be unfair to do it again this year….and that it was my duty to take charge of it and donate to the prize purse.  A quick trip to Costco for a case of Shiner Summer Flavors (5 flavors to savor) provided the winner with at least 19 beers to enjoy.  Dave Halliburton, the NMORS promoter, again donated a 5th of Hornitos and a $10 bill.  How cool is that?

This year I made all participants haul their lazy asses all the way to the top of the road through the technical rocky sections.  I made them ditch their bikes in a depression below the road and walk about 50 meters away from the bike.  When they were all gathered at the top and I was giving instructions, Jenn and some guys down by the bikes did some rearranging.  How fun!  The participants seemed a little pissed, so I told them if they won it this year, then they could be in charge next year and set their own rules. 

The leman’s start was equalized for a few participants.  One dude wore a garter thingy of some sort and his nuts kept falling out.  A chick wore high heels, so she earned a prime starting position for the race.  Anyway, nobody got hurt and Mike Rossin, owner of The Bicycle Company, despite wearing a “fat man” suit, rolled the 29er to victory.

Next year I’m gonna design a super aerodynamic shark suit and retake the victory, or not do the Flintstone thing…therefore destoying my leg….and give someone else a chance.