lab rat

After realizing that blogs are basically a journal for almost everyone now, I thought I’d start one.  I tried myspace, but you’ve gotta find all your friends and check up on them all the time and all that bullcrap.  So I just decided to start this blog.

School is about to start back after “Summer of Fun III.”  This summer did not have quite as much away from home time, but we did make it to Vermont for the national championships where Jenn won the SS title.  I raced SS in the semi-pro group and got 11th in a sweet mudfest.  I later went down to NC for what may be my last norba national event.  I finished 3rd in the XC.  Best finish ever by far.  Even better than my expert wins last year.  Although it may be a close tie with my win at Snowshoe back in ’04.  That was a sweet race.

I’ll have to start writing for real pretty soon… thesis that is.  So hopefully I can contribute to this in a way that may be entertaining for you and introspective for me.